Climbing Novel Mountain – Day 1

I stand at the metaphorical trail head of novel mountain. I have done all the prep. I have all my gear. But I look up at the peak of the mountain and a string of curses runs through my mind. This mountain is too ambitious. I probably can’t make it to the top. I probably forgot to pack something important. I should just go home and watch Netflix or something because that is easy. Or maybe just write another blog. Yeah, that’s it, forget this whole novel thing. Instead, I shift my shoulders under my figurative pack and look up at the mountain’s peak one last time. Screw it, I’m climbing this *bleep*.

Some time later…

Well, I have a 2,247 word scene. Not a great scene, but I don’t think it is terrible either. I am winded, but I am a little ways up the mountain. I have entered the trees now, so I can’t see the peak anymore, which might be a good thing. Kinda doubt it will get any easier from here. In fact, I expect it will only get harder. But at least I am moving. That seems like the important thing. One foot in front of the other.

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